5 Best Tire Chains for Snow

Best Tire Chains for Snow

If you’re a driver, then you know that winter can be a difficult time to get around. Snow and ice can make the roads incredibly dangerous, and it’s important to take precautions when driving in these conditions.

One of the best ways to stay safe this winter is to invest in a good set of tire chains. Tire chains provide extra traction on icy or snowy roads, and can help you avoid accidents. But with so many different types of tire chains available on the market, it can be tricky to figure out which ones are right for you.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide to the best tire chains for snow.

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to choose the right set of chains, and we’ll recommend some of our favorite models. So read on for all the info you need on keeping your car safe during winter weather!

5 Best Tire Chains for Snow

As a car lover, you want to be prepared for any kind of weather. And in some parts of the world, that means being ready for snow! One essential item for dealing with slippery winter roads is a good set of tire chains. HereTop Picks for the Best Tire Chains for Snow Shop this selection of the best chains below to stay covered all winter before the bare pavement is gone, and get a good idea about snow chain pricing.

But which ones should you get? Here’s our list of the best tire chains for snow.

Keep them in your trunk and you’ll be ready to take on whatever icy conditions come your way!

1. Security Chain Company Sz143

Security Chain Company Sz143

Looking for an easy-to-install and remove Class S tire chain? Look no further than the Security Chain Company Auto-Trac! This chain is designed to meet Class S clearance requirements, even on light trucks.

The diamond pattern cross chain provides a smooth ride and traction in the worst winter driving conditions. Self-tightening ratchets automatically tighten and center the chain links on the tire.

The chain links themselves are made from manganese alloy steel, which ultimately reduces the chance of fly-off during usage. It should be noted that chain tensioners are not necessary and that you shouldn’t exceed 30.0 mph with these chains on your snow tires.


  • Brand  Security Chain
  • Material  Rubber
  • Item Weight  1 Pound
  • Vehicle Service Type     Car
  • Size 11.8 x 11.7 x 3.3 in.
  • Material Steel alloy


  • This tire is less expensive and has an easy installation. Customers were highly satisfied with the purchase. The process was quick and hassle-free.
  • This tire is versatile! Its design works with virtually all vehicle types, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a versatile tire.


  • This tire is on the more expensive side. However, I believe that it is worth the investment because it has lasted me a considerable amount of time without any problems.

2. König Cb-12 Chain

König Cb-12 Chain

The König CB-12 chains are a tried and true design that is perfect for drivers in snowy climates. These chains are simple in concept, but pack a punch when it comes to performance. They’re perfect for mountain drivers who need a little extra traction and stability on icy roads.

The König CB-12 chains cover a large surface area on your tires, providing a smooth ride on snow while also minimizing any rumble when you hit exposed asphalt. Traditional in design, these chains are relatively easy to install.

You don’t need to jack up your car like with some other models – simply follow the manual tensioning system and you’ll be all set. Plus, the included mat makes it easier (and more comfortable) to install the chains in cold weather conditions.


  • Manufacturer  ‎Thule GmbH
  • Brand  ‎KÖNIG
  • Size 11.57 x 11.1 x 2.68 in.
  • Inside and on-the-tread clearance   12 mm
  • Anti-scratch nylon bumpers
  • Item Weight     ‎7.89 pounds
  • Patented self-tensioning system
  • Welded double-traction plates


  • This snow tire provides the best ride and braking performance of any tire on the market. It also has a self-tensioning system that keeps the tire properly inflated at all times.
  • This snow tire has an affordable price point. It provides a smooth ride on snow and is a great choice for budget-minded shoppers. Users are happy with the overall experience.


  • Some customers shared that It’s hard to find the right snow tire size online. They’ve been looking for a while and they can’t seem to find the right match for their car.

3. Glacier 1046 Passenger Cable Tire Chain

Glacier 1046 Passenger Cable Tire Chain

When the snow starts to fly, make sure you’re prepared with a set of Glacier 1046 Passenger Cable Tire Chains. These chains are made from thin, hardened steel rollers for a low-profile fit that’s ideal for small passenger vehicles with limited wheel well clearance.

Despite their simple construction and minimalist design, these chains perform quite well and meet all state requirements for tire traction devices. They’re also less likely to cause damage to your vehicle and void its warranty.

When not in use, the Glacier 1046 traction cables are much lighter and easier to pack away than conventional heavy-duty chains. While we don’t recommend them for heavy-duty or long-distance use, they’re a handy and convenient option.


  • Brand  Glacier Chains
  • Material    Alloy Steel
  • Item Weight    One Pound
  • Vehicle Service Type    Car
  • Size     ‎14.4 x 5.7 x 4.9 in.
  • Made in the ‎USA


  • This tire is quick and easy to install. It’s much lighter than other snow tires, so it’s easy to pack away. Customers are satisfied with the experience.
  • This snow tire is Amazing! I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quality product that will perform well in snowy conditions! This tire is also great for vehicles with minimal wheel well clearance.


  • This snow tire provides less traction than more robust tire chains. However, users are still able to get around in the snow relatively well. Overall, they are quite satisfied with their performance.

4. Isse Shark Snow Sock

Isse Shark Snow Sock

Looking for an easy-to-use traction device that won’t damage your vehicle? Look no further than the ISSE Shark Snow Sock! These snow socks are made of a flexible polyolefin fabric that conforms to your tires for a snug fit.

They’re also low-profile for a sleek look and are available in a variety of sizes to fit virtually any tire. Best of all, they’re incredibly easy to install – no chains required. When you hit the road in snowy conditions, the last thing you want is to worry about your traction devices.

With the ISSE Shark Snow Sock, you can rest assured that you’ll have excellent traction in even the most demanding conditions. So don’t let the snow stop you from getting where you need to go – grab a set of ISSE Shark Snow Socks and hit the road with confidence!


  • Brand ‎Shark Industries
  • Weight ‎  2.25 pounds
  • Product aspects   ‎14.75 x 8.5 x 3 in.
  • Size    70
  • Color    ‎Red-Black Stripes
  • Material    Textile


  • This product is a good alternative for drivers looking to avoid classic chains. These chains are great for customer satisfaction and interesting driving experiences.
  • Installations are easy and you can use this as a complete substitute for roads that are covered in snow. You will be happy with the results and it is a great way to keep your family safe.


  • These snow tire socks have a vastly shortened lifespan when driven on asphalt. However, users are still very satisfied with the purchase. It saved a lot of time and hassle driving in the snow.

5. Autosock 697 Snow Socks

Autosock 697 Snow Socks

If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow, then you know how difficult it can be to get around during the winter. Even with a good set of tires, it can be tough to keep your car from slipping and sliding on icy roads. That’s where AutoSock comes in.

AutoSock is a brand of snow socks that are designed to provide extra traction and stability on snowy and icy roads. Unlike traditional snow chains, which can be noisy and cause unpleasant vibrations, AutoSocks simply hug the tire and provide a much smoother ride. They’re perfect for emergency situations or when you need a little extra traction on slippery roads.

This tire chain is compatible with anti-lock brakes, traction control, and various other electronically monitored control systems. They could just be the thing you need to make winter driving a little easier.


  • Brand  AUTOSOCK
  • Item Weight     ‎1.76 pounds
  • Product aspects     32.28 x 25.98 x 0.04 in.
  • Size: Fits 29 different wheel sizes
  • Car or vehicle type Buses, trucks, cars, vans
  • Material  Patented textile


  • These snow tire socks have been approved by the USDOT in all 50 states. They’re made with an elastomer, which makes them very stretchy and comfortable to wear. I’m really happy with this purchase!
  • These snow tire socks are compatible with advanced braking systems. This innovative design provides drivers with better traction and stopping power in winter weather conditions.


  • One of the customers shared, “I’ve been using these snow tire socks for a while now and I’m really happy with them. They work well, but I don’t expect them to last forever”.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Tire Chains for Snow

As anyone who’s driven in the snow knows, tire chains can be a lifesaver. They help to provide traction and prevent your vehicle from slipping and sliding on icy roads. However, not all tire chains are created equal. When choosing tire chains, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, consider the size of your tires. You’ll need to make sure that the chains are the right size for your tires or they won’t fit properly. Second, think about the type of snow you’ll be driving in. If you’re driving in deep powder, you’ll need chains that are specifically designed for that type of snow.

Third, consider the length of time you’ll be using the chains. If you’re only going to be using them for a short period of time, you may not need the heaviest-duty chains. While winter tires or snow tires will undoubtedly serve you better than using all-season tires in snow, winter-specific tires need to be paired with tire chains to be most effective.

Finally, don’t forget to check the weather forecast before you head out! If the roads are clear, you won’t need chains at all.

By keeping these things in mind, you can choose the best tire chains for your needs.


The material of the best tire chains for snow will depend on a number of factors, including the size of your tires, the type of snow you’ll be driving in, and the duration of time that you’ll need to use the chains. Snow tire chains are a great tool to keep in your car when conditions get especially rugged.

Some high-quality tire chains are made from heavy-duty steel. These chains are designed to provide maximum grip and traction in deep powder or on very slick surfaces. However, they may not be ideal for short trips or light snowfalls, as they can be quite heavy and cumbersome to use.

Ultimately, the best tire chains for snow will depend on your individual needs and driving conditions. Consider the various factors when making your purchase, and be sure to check the weather forecast before heading out on a snowy road.

Automatic Release

In addition to traditional tire chains, many drivers are now choosing automatic-release tire chains. These innovative chains use a sensor to detect when the wheels are spinning, and they immediately release to prevent damage or slippage.

Automatic-release tire chains can be a real lifesaver when driving in challenging conditions, such as snow or ice. Additionally, they can help to prevent damage to your tires and rims, making them a great choice for most drivers.


These are a great option for drivers who regularly drive in snowy or icy conditions. There are several factors to consider, including the size of your tires, and the type of snow you’ll be driving in. Vehicles can stay stationary and low to the ground as the cables and tire chains are connected across the entire tire.

For maximum safety and performance, consider investing in a set of automatic-release tire chains. These innovative chains use sensors to detect spinning wheels, and they release immediately to prevent damage or slippage.


It is another important consideration when choosing tire chains. Heavier, more durable chains may not be ideal for short trips or light snowfalls, but they can be a great choice for drivers who regularly drive in difficult conditions.

Ultimately, the best tire chains are ones that meet your individual needs and driving requirements. So, be sure to carefully consider all of your options before making a purchase. With the right chains, you can drive safely and comfortably in even the most challenging weather.


What Type of Snow Chains Are Best?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the best type of chains for snow will depend on your individual needs and driving conditions. The duration of time that you’ll need to use the chains is also very important while buying snow chains.

Overall, there are many different types of snow chains available, including those made from steel, rubber, and plastic. In cold weather, both the metal chains and your tires are more vulnerable to damage. Diamond tire chains are better for places that get frequent, heavy snow.

Do You Need Snow Chains on All Four Tires?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the best approach will depend on your individual driving conditions. For some drivers, it may be sufficient to only use chains on the drive wheels, while others may opt to use them on all four tires for maximum safety and performance. The winter tire chains themselves offer 12.0 millimeters of inside and on-the-tread clearance.

Ultimately, the best approach will depend on a variety of factors, including the type and amount of snow you’re driving in, and your vehicle’s handling capabilities. If you are facing weeks (or months) of cold weather, it’s better to opt for actual chains.

What Is Better than Snow Chains?

There is no single answer to this question, as there are many different options available for drivers who want to stay safe and comfortable on snowy or icy roads. Some potential alternatives to snow chains include snow tires, all-wheel drive systems, and automatic-release tire chains.

Ultimately, the best alternative to snow chains will depend on your individual needs and driving requirements. With the right tools and accessories, you can drive safely and comfortably in even the most challenging weather conditions.


While you can purchase tire chains at any time, it’s best to buy them before the first snowfall. This way, you’ll be prepared when Old Man Winter comes knocking.

Be sure to check your owner’s manual for specific installation instructions for your vehicle. Once you have the right size and type of tire chains, give us a call or come into the store, and we’d be happy to help you put them on.

Do you have any tips for installing or removing tire chains?

Share them with us in the comments below!

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